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Miner Orb (www.minerorb.com), a former exporter of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has changed its business model and started as an escrow website connecting customers and sellers and offering escrow payments and inspection services as a safe ordering technique.

Over the past few years, we have encountered a number of concerns when acquiring mining hardware, ranging from scams to problems with shipment and delivery. With their mandatory inspection packages for all shipments, Miner Orb eliminates any issues.

Zhong Lei, the founder of Miner Orb, stated that he attempted multiple times to build a marketplace but failed because to market volatility. He assured us that his present business strategy is highly effective, will continue to expand for many years, and will be the leading marketplace for cryptocurrency mining equipment in the coming years.

All merchants that advertise products for sale on Miner Orb must undergo a vendor verification process to confirm and certify their validity. Once the stock and seller have been validated and the ad is available, the seller can request an order, which opens a request page. Miner Orb will then need to authorise your order and forward it to the seller for confirmation before the inspection process can begin.

Miner Orb will then dispatch, for a starting cost of $229, inspection personnel to the facility of the seller’s Stock to conduct several checks, including condition checks, fault checks, and stock checks. As soon as the verification is complete, you will receive a notification and the payment site will open so you can complete your order.

Once your order has been confirmed, the inspection personnel will return while the package is being readied for shipment to ensure a seamless delivery.

All funds received through minerorb.com are held in escrow for up to seven days after the delivery has been signed for, which is the cooling off time for filing a dispute if there are additional issues.

In addition, they have indicated that the guarantee policy for orders is null and void after seven days, and that all returns must be acknowledged by the seller prior to being processed.

There are a variety of packages, ranging from standard to premium to enterprise, that guarantee a shipment free of problems and cover the essentials. The differences between the packages are inspection time periods for expedited processing and shipment quantities, while the standard package limits you to a certain number of units.

To place an order, it is sufficient to browse manufacturers and products, select a product, and then inquire about its availability with the seller. This examination could take a while to complete. Once it is finished, Miner Orb must execute your order and get it accepted by the seller, after which you will be notified via your preferred form of communication and your inspection will commence.