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The voice of God in our lives is silenced when we put our Bible on the shelf. Complaining about God being silent when your Bible is closed is the same as complaining when your phone is off and you are not getting texts. Life is challenging, and it frequently causes us to reflect deeply on God, particularly when we are heartbroken over the prospect of losing Him as a result of our sins. No one believes they can be healed.

This is terrible. God loves you just the way you are and doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Cooke Revivals is here to change that. The organization has saved, recreated, and mobilized billions of people in various ways because the gifts of the spirit are still in function today. In an effort to reconnect them with God, it reaches out to the wounded and lost.

Through his written word, God speaks to us continuously. To hear him, though, we must have unique ears that God has given us. Seven times in the Gospels and seven more times at the beginning of Revelation, the Bible exhorts us to have “ears to hear.” The group made the decision to serve as many people’s ears, helping them to hear and comprehend God’s word. At considerable personal sacrifice, they have strived to spread the Scriptures to other languages and people groups.

Their selfless act says a lot about its dependability. Cooke Revivals’ goal is to spread the gospel so that people will experience a quickening that will endure. Because God loves us no matter who we are, what we have done, or where we are right now, they have been assisting their followers in walking toward the word of God despite the sins we have committed.

Prophet Tracy Cooke

Prophet Tracy Cooke is renowned for his ministry of signs, wonders, and miracles, in addition to the strength of the prophetic anointing that sits upon him. He is the creator of Cooke Revivals’ prophetic training facility, the Elisha Training Center. Prophet Tracy Cooke traveled extensively throughout North Carolina for many years as an evangelist, delivering the truth of God’s Word back to His people.

He has provided spiritual guidance on radio and television shows like It’s Supernatural and Something More. Prophet Tracy is a person who God brought from obscurity to a position of power over entire countries. He is currently participating in revivals all over the US and the world.

In the middle of the blazing summer heat, two guys established Cooke Revivals Ministries by sharing the gospel with 15–20 people under a tent. They persisted in their pursuit of realizing the vision that the Father had given them in the face of the numerous challenges life and the enemy threw at them according to God’s instructions. The fervent supplications and benevolence of God’s people have supported Cooke Revivals through thick and thin.

God tends to raise up partners in prayer and financial support as well as those with a message and a vision. Giving back to the community served as the organization’s guiding philosophy from the beginning. When you donate, you can do so with the assurance that hundreds of resources made available by Elisha Training Centre are changing lives for all eternity. To support our neighborhood, we’ve started a number of coat drives, food drives, women’s shelters, and donation drives.

Cooke Revivals is honored to be a member of your family and spiritual community. An intercessory team that we have put together is available to pray for and with you over the phone or via email. As the Lord intended, we want to build relationships with everyone who contacts us and continue to lead you in prayer and the Bible.

About the Founder

The organization Cooke Revivals Ministries was founded by Tracy Allen Cooke. His sermons and teachings are both effective and applicable, inspiring godly men and women to realize their greatest potential in Christ. In November 1992, he accepted the gift of salvation and committed his entire being to God.

He heeded the urge to share the priceless message of Jesus Christ’s gospel in December 1993. When he was younger, he worked as an assistant pastor of a local church, where he tirelessly covered the ministry in prayer, taught Bible school, and helped the pastor discipline the believers.

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