One of the best ways to make money for your charity is to hold an event. Although people do like to donate to charity without an event taking place, if there is one, they are more likely to give more, as they are essentially getting something fun in return for their donation. 

The key to receiving a large number of donations for your charity event is to ensure it is a good one – people need to enjoy themselves if they are going to contribute. On top of that, if you do well with your first event, people will be keen to join in with the next one, ensuring you get more money for your good cause. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to ensure you plan a successful charity event. 

Have A Budget 

It’s true that sometimes people will be willing to offer their services for free if the event is for charity, but you can’t rely on this, and you can’t expect people to be out of pocket, no matter how good the cause might be. Therefore, you’ll need to be willing to spend some money to make your event great. This might be money for entertainment, for the venue, for the food and drink, or perhaps just for the advertising, depending on how generous people are towards you. 

Make sure you know your budget in advance and that you have thought carefully about it. It wouldn’t be very helpful to have to spend all the money from ticket sales on the event itself and not have anything left over to give to the charity itself. 


Planning the most wonderful event is great, but if people don’t know it’s taking place, ticket sales will be low – or non-existent. This is why you need to advertise as much as possible. As we mentioned above, you’ll need to consider your budget when you’re working out the best way to market your charity event, and it’s a good idea to see what you can do for free. 

You can speak to a charity advertising agency to get more advice about how you can make sure people know about your charity, its event, and how they can attend. In many cases, this will save you a lot of time and worry, and because you can leave things in the hands of professionals, you can work on making the event perfect and not have to worry about marketing at all. 

Find The Right Location 

The location of your charity event is very important. It needs to be somewhere that people can easily reach, and it needs to be big enough to hold all the people you want to attend. It also needs to be in keeping with whatever it is you’re planning. For example, if you’re hosting a dinner dance, you’ll want a space with room for large tables and a dance floor. If you’re arranging a charity comedy night, you’ll want a stage and plenty of seating. 

Make a list of all the must-haves for the venue and a list of all the things it would be good to have but that aren’t vital. Once you have this information, you can start to narrow down your search. Then it’s a question of budget to finalize the perfect venue.