landscape lighting kitslandscape lighting kits

Today, the landscape lighting kits of AiDot are in high demand since they genuinely level up the outdoor activities of a user from unmatched ambiance to optimum security. Moreover, landscaping the backyard of a smart home is assured to provide everyone with a fantastic mood. Unbelievably the AiDot landscape lighting kits are priced as low as 373.99 US dollars.

Unveiling the unique essentialities of AiDot landscape lighting kits

The AiDot landscape lighting kits are effectually comprised of three essential smart pieces. Each of the vital elements effectively Works with AiDot. The prime assimilation is 2 x RGBW solar outdoor lights that render an amazing option of multiple changing colors to a smart home. The varied color selections are in both static as well as dynamic status.

These unmatched outdoor solar lights of AiDot are integrated with longer working hours. In full charge, it can amazingly last up to six to a maximum of 12 hours to add beautiful colors to the decor of a smart home specifically at night. There is as well an easy two-in-one installation wherein a user can either use it as a wall light with included wall bracket and screws or as a landscape light by inserting it into the ground with included ground stake.

The next crucial inclusion in the landscape lighting kits of AiDot is 4 x smart LED flood lights. Herein, a user can sync his or her favorite music, and this awesome AiDot device that Works with AiDot changes colors according to the rhythm of music via the incredible AiDot app. There is a group control and timing function too whereby the outside floodlights can be controlled individually or in a group again via the incomparable AiDot app.  Even timers can be set to auto-turn the flood.

These intelligent flood lights of AiDot have a very long lifespan of up to 25000+ hours since they are made of die-cast aluminum and tempered glass and save much of the electricity unbelievably over eighty percent offering a significant energy saving to a smart home. The last inclusion is 1 x home security system kit of AiDot which renders a sound loud alarm to the maximum if an emergency occurs place by tapping SOS on the AiDot app.

This eminent smart device of AiDot which Works with AiDot and is unmissable for a smart home transmits push alerts to the user’s phone and sounds an alarm if any motion is detected. With this authentic device of AiDot, the security system or a smart space in a smart home is much expanded with more smart devices. 

Choosing AiDot to safely procure landscape lighting kits online

The selection of AiDot is highly safe and straightforward to purchase landscape lighting kits online. A vivacious online buyer has to simply click on anywhere, anytime. All the integrations are mind-blowing from easy and secure payment methods to the fastest shipping and the greatest warranties and return policies, and most assistive executives respond instantly to any query about the AiDot device that Works with AiDot in general and landscape lighting kits in particular.