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People are still confused about why some of the bikers have a get-back whip on their bikes. Most people aren’t aware of a get-back whip. It is because it was not introduced in the biking industry officially. People used to wonder why Bikers have a long whip attached to their handles. With time, it gained so much popularity that at one time it became the trend for bikers to attach a long get back whip on their motorcycles. This trend did not stop there but gained even more popularity with time. 

In the 1980s, a whip-type substance was hung by the bikers this was also used to identify the teams and their members. Bikers club used to have special whips of different colors. Long bike races were conducted and the team was awarded. 

In the start, get back whip motorcycle was used as a fashion icon for the bikers but with time, its purpose changed. When get back to the whip was it a decoration item, it was of no use.  But when it turned into a get-back whip, it turned out to be I really useful thing. These whips are restricted to bikes only but also became a part of bicycles. 

The Purpose of a Get Back Whip

A get back whip motorcycle Is its sharp whip that is attached to the bike handle. At the start, the decorative whip did not have a detachable hook.  But I get back whip surely has a detachable whip That allows to use it as a protective instrument.

 The main purpose of a get-back whip motorcycle it’s to be used in time of emergency. During early 1900, the incidents of loot, robberies, and attacks increased and bikers were extremely concerned about the issue. At that time, one of the bikers gave an idea about changing the decoration whip to a protective get back Whip. 

This Motorcycle get-back whip was used to get back to the attackers who try to harm or rob the bikers. While they were just about to run, the biker immediately took off the detachable get back whip and counter-attacked them. In this way, bikers’ lives are saved and their previous items are protected. 

The quick release of the motorcycle get-back whip makes it highly accessible for the biker in hour of emergency. In the case of carrying firearms, a biker cannot access them immediately to attack back. Even the gun takes time to get out of the holder but get back whip motorcycle can be easily clenched and used as it is attached to the handle. It is much more accessible than any other thing. 

Important Feature:

One more feature that most of the bikers do not know is that they can hide their Motorcycle Get Back Whip. Like firearms, get back whip can also be hidden in many ways. Despite being hidden, it is still more accessible than other protective weapons. One can easily hide a get back whip in the handle of the bike. Only a part of it will be shown that will appear to be a decorative tassel and nothing else. Nobody will get to know that the bike has a hidden get back whip in it and at the time of need, one can easily access it to attack the attackers. 

Best Place to Attach a Get Back Whip on Bike

The best place to attach and hide a get back whip motorcycle on a bike is its right handle. It is because the right handle is the most accessible and right-handed people, find it easy to clench the get-back whip with their right hand. Left-handed people can also attach it to the left handle of the bike. 

Why Motorcycle Get Back Whip Is Illegal in Some Countries?

In some countries, it is illegal to use a get back whip on a motorcycle. This is because at the start of the 1980s the bikers began to use get back whip to attack the other biker clubs. During biking, they have the get back whip rolled in their hand and they frequently attack the other bikers. This was the major reason why get back whip motorcycle was banned. But the main condition for this law is that the get back whip should be detachable. If a get back whip isn’t detachable that means it is permanently attached to the handle, then its use isn’t illegal. 

In case of safety, it can be used to protect oneself. But it is strictly prohibited to use it for fun and harassing others. In case of harming and illegally attacking someone, a biker will be charged a heavy fine, and possibly his license would be confiscated. Get Back Whip motorcycle is a strong and sharp whip that can easily harm a human being. Its use should be highly monitored. 

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