This is an exclusive interview with the visionary behind Sonsray, Matthew Hoelscher. Matthew’s passion for the transportation and heavy machinery industry led him to establish Sonsray. Sonsray is a company that offers services in construction equipment, agriculture, and refrigerated transport industry. In this interview, we will discuss Sonsray, Matthew’s passion for the industry, his struggles and triumphs, and how he is contributing to his community.


Q – How did you discover your passion for this business?

“Work is my passion. I have had a job ever since I was 14. I always liked working hands-on with large equipment, cargo ships, and diesel engines. I was 23 when I started working at the Long Beach port.”


Q – Your entrepreneurial spirit is really admirable. Who inspired you the most to open your own company?Who do you look up to?

“No one inspired me to open this company. I just did it. But I look up to Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, and Jordan Peterson.”

Q – What is your brand’s unique selling point?

“Our brand’s USP is elite service, premium products nationwide, and being family-owned and operated. We believe in promoting a sustainable future and long-term rewarding careers, and our employees are like family to us. My goal is to contribute to our customers’ business success by providing world-class equipment and customer service.”

Q – What do you consider your biggest achievement, and why?

“I consider the growth of the company as my biggest achievement. It’s amazing to have built something from the ground up in one lifetime. Our customers are hard-working people who build and feed America, and their success is our success.”

Q – How are you giving back/contributing to your community?

“We contribute to our community by providing jobs to local people and sponsoring local events and charities. We have this program under Sonsray, “Force For Good.” As I have seen the realities of life closely, I encourage my employees to take a day off to work and volunteer in any charity organization of their choice because the best thing we can give is our time.”

Q – What are some of the difficulties that business holders face?

“As a business owner, you are responsible for everything that happens in your business, and you need to own and accept the blame if things go wrong. The struggle is always there and is even more intense now that we are growing. However, I would choose struggle over stagnancy every time.”

Q – What, according to you, is the mantra of success?

“The mantra of success is to work harder than your competitor.”

Q – Can you elaborate Sonsray Core Values?

“Our core values at Sonsray are integrity, passion, people, solutions, and success. We believe in being positive team players, honest and caring, and having pride in our work. We are committed to the company’s mission and success and make an effort to create a friendly work environment for all. We are customer-focused and have a positive attitude. We believe in clear and consistent communication, and we are self-starters who are enthusiastic about our work.”

So this was Matthew Hoelscher sharing insights into Sonsray and his journey. His passion for work and dedication to his community are truly inspiring. We wish Mathew Hoelscher all the best for his future endeavours.