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Project management certifications are an approach to assess the expertise and reliability of a project manager. Organizations undoubtedly prefer to hire certified people who have the capacity, knowledge and expertise necessary to manage complex projects.

Even if a project management certification alone is not enough to prove the skills of a project manager, it has the merit of certifying that theory is at least assimilated.

Several certifications are recognized internationally. To help you find your way around, here are the most recognized project management certifications.

Why is project management certification important?

Obtaining project management certification has many advantages. Here are a few :

Your “CV” will stand out. Such certifications are in great demand by recruiters. Having such a title increases your credibility with job managers.

You can earn a higher salary. Such certifications improve your chances on the market and allow you to hope for a salary increase of around 20 %.

You enrich your knowledge and skills. Such certifications force you to strengthen your knowledge in project management, which will help you manage your next project.

We let you now discover the project management certifications that we recommend.

  1. The PMP

The PMP (Project Management Professional) is the most widely recognized title for project managers in the business world. He is widely recognized as the Order of Project Management. Since a PMP can operate in almost all sectors, using any technique and in any place, it is a very international jurisdiction title. In other words, the PMP certification is very important.

  1. CAPM

CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) is a project management certification. If you are looking for a certification that will distinguish you on the job market and strengthen your reputation in project management, CAPM is the way to follow. He indicates that you master the fundamental principles of project management, in particular vocabulary, terminology and procedures. CAPM is valid for five years and does not require the renewal of professional development units (PDU).

  1. Certified Scrummaster (CSM)

Professionals are looking for titles that will help them become certified scrum master as the use of agile techniques in IT companies is developing. You will study the scrum and develop an understanding of the responsibilities, events, artifacts and team regulations as a certified scrummaster, allowing the Scrum team to work at best. That’s why having a Scrum Master certification is always recommended.

  1. Prince2

Projects in controlled environment are indeed organizations. Prince2 certificates are known worldwide and are highly sought after by potential employers. They can help you quickly improve your skills and abilities in a variety of essential commercial disciplines, which improves business performance. They are mainly focused on the management and realization of projects, from start to finish (delivery).

  1. COMPTIA Project+

The ACCTIA Project+ test is intended for project managers and coordinators working on small or medium -scale projects. This is an entry -level certification for project managers with less than a year of experience and working on less complex projects. Because it covers the important principles of project management outside the limits of a single methodology or a single frame, Project+ is more flexible than other certificates. Certification will help you learn the fundamental principles of the project, its limits, tools, documentation and change management.

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