Ultimate Guide to Buying a TUDOR Watch in Singapore

If you are a watch enthusiast, you probably know all about the TUDOR brand. The Swiss brand is known for producing high-end wristwatches that are inspired by the automobile industry and its culture. TUDOR stands for “Tudor and COming”, which refers to the founder of the company, Ernest COnges Tudor. Today, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about buying a Tudor Singapore.

The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Collection

The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Collection features well-known mechanical movements and features a dial that can only be described as “tactical”. In the case of watches from the Heritage collection, you’ll find the legendary TUDOR Caliber 8L36 movement, which is one of the most accurate and durable movements in the industry. The design of this watch has also been inspired by military technology, with a black ceramic bezel. You’ll have to consult your local TUDOR store for details on this model, but it retails at $1,150 SGD (USD$0.85/SGD).

The TUDOR Heritage Chrono Collection

If you are a fan of the TUDOR Heritage collection, a good alternative would be the TUDOR Heritage Chrono collection. This modern automatic watch is inspired by racing cars and features a distinctive chronograph dial. The TUDOR Heritage Chrono Collection relies on the 7T35 movement, which has been created by ETA making it one of the most reliable movements in watches today. You’ll have to check your local store for details on this model, but it retails at $1,500 SGD (USD$0.89/SGD).

The TUDOR Fastrider Collection

If your budget is a little tighter than the previous two models, you can still get yourself a collection of TUDOR watches that feature in-house movements and an unorthodox design. The TUDOR Fastrider Collection features 20mm wide cases, which give it a relatively slim look. The dials are inspired by the brand’s racing involvement, with a blue design with red accents and hour markers. This watch is not only eye-catching but also inexpensive, retailing at SGD 1,130 (USD$0.84/SGD).

Ultimate Guide to Buying a TUDOR Watch in Singapore
Ultimate Guide to Buying a TUDOR Watch in Singapore

The TUDOR Sport Collection

The TUDOR Sport Collection is a collection that will satisfy any watch enthusiast. This series features mechanical movements with in-house developed complications, which have been created by the brand itself. The most famous sports watch from the collection is the TUDOR Grantour Chrono Blue Terrain, which features a 45mm wide case, and features a dial that has been inspired by Formula 1 racing cars’ steering wheels. This model is not just about looks though: it also has an in-house developed chronograph movement, which was designed to be ten times more accurate than those from other brands. The Grantour Chrono also features a rubber strap with a folding clasp, which is made out of a special type of rubber that resists salt water and chlorinated water. The retail price of this watch is SGD 3550 (USD$2.41/SGD).

TUDOR has offered a plethora of watches to its customers. All of them are incredibly well-made and offer designs that can only be described as “tactical”. If you want to learn more about the watches from this brand, head over to any TUDOR store in Singapore and ask for advice from one of the store representatives.

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