Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin and Research InstituteVersiti Blood Center of Wisconsin and Research Institute

Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin and Research Institute

The Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin is now a part of the world-renowned Blood Research Institute. They have joined forces with several other blood centers to offer a comprehensive network of physician services, diagnostic laboratories and donor testing facilities. By combining the strength of these institutions, the Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin is able to provide a wide range of medical care to patients across the state.

Versiti Blood Center Locations

Versiti Blood Centers are a way for you to donate blood and win a brand new SUV. They are also one of the many donation centers located throughout the state of Wisconsin. Located in Wauwatosa, WI, you can stop by any time to get your blood donation done.

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For those who live near the city of Chicago, you can drop by the Versiti Blood Center of Illinois. It’s located at 2000 W. State St., Geneva, IL 62056. If you’re interested in donating blood, visit their website for details.

Versiti Blood Research Institute (VBRI)

The Versiti Blood Research Institute (VBRI) is the site of many research projects. It also conducts clinical and translational research. One of the most interesting VBRI projects is its partnership with the TriveOn Collaboration. A group of health professionals from post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine, visited Versiti to learn about the American system of blood donation.

Another intriguing VBRI project is its partnership with Noodles & Company. At each Indianapolis Noodles & Company location, you can enjoy a free entree if you purchase a fountain drink. You can also earn a free entree if you donate blood at any Versiti Blood Center in Indiana during the month of August.

Other new projects are the Versiti Blood Center of Ohio, which is slated to open its first local brick and mortar donor center in Hilliard in early 2019. Donors can also find out more about the blood center at their website. There’s a sweepstakes as well.

During their visit, the delegation also learned about the best practices of the American blood donation system. They toured the blood processing facilities and the Versiti Blood Research Institute.

Versiti Supplies Blood to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Cente

Versiti is a network of blood centers that provide life-saving blood and platelet services to more than 60 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois. These centers are staffed by screened staff and sanitized beds to protect the safety of all who donate. The network is also engaged in clinical research and translational medicine.

Versiti supplies blood to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, one of the nation’s leading hospital systems. In addition, the center provides specialized laboratory services, such as platelet and immunoglobulin therapy. This blood center has announced plans to expand its lifesaving mission in Ohio. Its first permanent donation center will open early 2022 on the northwest side of Columbus.

Versiti Blood Centers Operate Mobile Drives and Blood Drive Center

Versiti Blood Centers operate mobile drives and blood drive centers in Columbus and across central Ohio. They are also partners with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. A donation of blood is an easy and convenient way to give back. Donors may choose a walk-in or make an appointment online. Those who visit the Versiti Blood Centers are eligible to enter the company’s new car sweepstakes.

As a part of its commitment to community health, Versiti Blood Center of Ohio offers free parking for all donors. Donors will receive a good any day ticket to ZOMBIEzi Bay and a one-of-a-kind Versiti bottle koozie.

Aside from the benefits of donating, Versiti Blood Centers offer the chance to win an SUV! The blood centers are open for business Monday through Saturday, with extended hours on Sundays. Also, donors will receive an email notification when their blood is shipped to the medical center.

Versiti Blood Center of Indiana is urgently in need of donations of O negative blood. It is expected that there will be a shortage of blood within the next few days. For this reason, the center has issued an emergency appeal to all blood donors in the state.

Versiti Blood Center Diagnostic Laboratory Services

If you have a blood-related disease or are on the lookout for a lifesaving donation, the BloodCenter of Wisconsin has your back. The center offers a number of services, from a full-service clinical laboratory to comprehensive patient care and a robust medical education program. In addition, the center is a proud sponsor of the Wisconsin Medical Foundation, a non-profit health organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients in the Badger State.

It’s also the home of the largest donor blood bank in the state, so you’ll have plenty of options. On top of its array of perks, the center is also a leader in research and development, allowing the center to play a leading role in the discovery of new treatments and cures for diseases that can strike at any time, such as HIV, AIDS and cancer.

Versiti Blood Center with Donor Testing Lab

A trip to the Versiti blood center will provide ample opportunity to sample the plethora of tepid to frigid blood types residing in the tristate area. In addition to a smattering of human leukocytes, the center offers a plethora of blood components aplenty.

The best part is, the patient is not the only recipient of the bounty, as the center is home to an award-winning stem cell program. Moreover, the center is home to an impressive number of volunteers and staff, which helps to ensure a blood supply that is a cut above the rest.

One would be hard pressed to find a more committed group of benefactors in the tristate area. And, unlike many other centers of its ilk, the center has plenty of room to expand. For more on the center, check out their website. It’s easy to see why the center is one of the most popular and well-funded of its kind in the nation.

Versiti Blood Center and Platelet Donors

The Versiti Blood Center of Indiana urgently needs O negative blood donors. This is a special type of blood. It helps to clot and heal wounds.

A blood donation is a simple way to provide care for your community. Blood is needed daily by people in need of medical treatment. You can donate by visiting a blood drive.

Donors can give platelets, which are a special kind of blood. These can be donated by healthy people who meet the requirements. They’re given in a process called apheresis.

To give platelets, you must have an appointment. The donation will take about an hour and a half. After donating, you will receive a T-shirt. Shirts will be sent out via mail while supplies last.

People can also donate plasma. This is a type of blood that can be transfused to all patients. In addition, pregnant women can donate. However, their antibodies from pregnancy are permanent. Some patients, such as those with certain types of cancer, are not able to accept these antibodies.

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The Red Cross has been battling a national blood crisis. This is the worst shortage in over a decade. That means hospitals are forced to make difficult choices about transfusions.

Despite the Red Cross’ efforts, they are still in need of donations. If you’re a healthy person who is at least 17 years old and meets the height and weight guidelines, you can donate.

To donate, you need to have a valid email address on file. The American Red Cross takes your temperature when you enter. Your arm will be scrubbed before you leave. Once you’re ready to donate, you will be asked to give a sample of your blood.

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