If you’re a landowner, you might have noticed some digits written on the chain of your chainsaw that have made you wonder about their existence in the first place and then their work. Well, the numbers on your chainsaw chain have significance. There’s a lot of uncertainty regarding what chainsaw chain marks are for, and we’ll clear it up in this piece.

All in all, what do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean?

The numbers stepped on a chainsaw chain are an ID code utilized by the creator to demonstrate the pitch and gauge estimations of the chain. Pitch and gauge are significant aspects that impact whether a chain is viable with a chainsaw. In case you do want to know more about these powerful tools, head towards reviews on chainsawguru for more information.   

Where to Search for Chain Estimations?

Don’t worry if your mind is spinning with all the numbers and you’re not sure where to look for these chain marks. We’ve got your back. The actual placement varies widely depending on the manufacturer, although it’s usually on the drive link.

The other place is that your chainsaw bar might have the data you are searching for marked directly into it.N It can typically be tracked down close to the back of the bar, where it mounts to the saw.

For example, in the model given below, the chain is 3/8″ pitch and .050″ check with 72 drive links. This ought to be all the data you should get from the legitimate swap chain for your saw.   

What’s more, for the Stihl chain, these markings appear on both the drive connections and tooth connections of a chain. Look at the picture underneath to see a model:  

This chain is very much utilized, so perusing the stepped text is somewhat intense. Notwithstanding, you ought to have the option to see the accompanying: 

  •   The number “6” on the drive link
  •   The “Stihl” brand name on the tooth link
  •   The number “2” on the tooth link

As may be obvious, this is a Stihl chain, which makes for an extraordinary model since you can see where the stamping is on the drive link and the tooth link.

Most producers will have a number on the drive link and the brand name (items 1 and 2 above). Stihl is a special case since they likewise utilize a number on the tooth link (item 3 above).

Utilizing the chain numbers from this model, we can allude to our table of values, and discover that this chain has the accompanying check and pitch:

Gauge = .063″

Pitch = .325″

If you can’t find the chain numbers or are experiencing difficulty understanding them, there are two alternative ways you can quantify your chain. 

In the following segment, we’ll characterize precisely the exact thing these numbers mean. We’ll likewise cover drive link count, which is another significant measure you’ll have to be aware of for your chain.

What are Gauge and Pitch?

  1. Gauge

Gauge is the estimation used to depict the width of a chainsaw chain’s drive links. The higher the gauge, the more extensive the links will be. It’s useful to know this, since, in such a case that you don’t know about the gauge rating on a chain, you can check it effectively by estimating the width of the drive link.

While you’re picking a chainsaw chain, getting the right gauge is basic, since that will decide whether you throw a tantrum with your chainsaw’s bar groove. 

A chain’s drive links are the piece of the chain that slides around the bar groove, permitting the chain to grip the body of the chainsaw. Assuming that your chain’s drive links have some unacceptable gauge, they will either be too enormous or excessively little for the bar groove. 

At the point when the gauge is excessively small, you risk tossing your chain, which can be very hazardous. You would likewise struggle with keeping the chain set up and will be unable to complete a cut by any stretch of the imagination. At the point when the gauge is too huge, it won’t squeeze into the bar groove in any case. 

For a chain to be viable with your chainsaw, it needs to match the gauge rating of your chainsaw’s bar. You can get familiar with the 4 estimations pertinent to a chainsaw bar here.

  1. Pitch:

The pitch is determined as the distance between 3 bolts, separated by 2. This is a proportion of the distance between your chain’s links. Since it’s somewhat more confounded to quantify the pitch physically, I like to get it somewhere else. 

You can find the chain pitch utilizing the chain markings and our tables above. It’s likewise regularly imprinted on the bundling (for new chains) so some of the time you can get it there.

  1. Drive Link Count:

To have the total set of chain measurements, you’re additionally going to require another bit of information; how long the chain ought to be. The length of chainsaw chains is not estimated in inches or centimeters. Instead, chains are estimated by the number of links. 

While searching for viable chains, you can find the pitch you want for your chainsaw, by taking a glance at the data stamped on the chainsaw bar. 

Instructions to Change a Chainsaw Chain:

Whenever you’ve distinguished your chain, you might be prepared to introduce it on your chainsaw. We’ve composed a top-to-the-bottom article on the most proficient method to supplant a chainsaw chain, look at it to get familiar with the means. Until further notice, here’s a short outline of what you’ll have to do straight away:

  • Snatch a scrench and a gauge device
  • Take away the front board
  • Pull the bar off
  • Get rid of the old chain (if there is a single one)
  • Investigate and clean the bar
  • Clean around the sprocket
  • Re-collect the bar and chain
  • Screw the panel back on
  • Fix the chain
  • Test chain strain

Final Words:

If you are changing your chainsaw’s chain the given information would be useful hopefully. Even if you have already experienced this activity then this could be a very helpful checklist for you. Hopefully, this article has answered all of your queries regarding chainsaw chains and cleared your mind.

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