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The clearance of rolling bearings is an important indicator, which directly affects the operation function of SKF bearings. It is of very important significance to select the appropriate clearance according to the operation conditions of bearings. When choosing bearing clearance, the following factors should be fully considered:

  1. The tightness of SKF bearing with shaft and shell hole will lead to the change of bearing clearance value. General bearing device after clearance value will be reduced;
  2. In the working process of SKF bearings, because the heat dissipation conditions of the shaft and the housing are different, the temperature difference between the inner ring and the outer ring will also lead to the reduction of bearing clearance value.
  3. Due to the different expansion coefficient, the clearance value of shaft and enclosure will be reduced or increased.

That is, when the rolling bearing is not installed on the shaft or bearing box, the inner or outer ring of the party is fixed, and then the unfixed party moves in a radial or axial direction. According to the direction of movement, it can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance.

The size of the working clearance (called the working clearance) has an impact on the rolling fatigue life, temperature rise, noise, vibration and other functions of the rolling bearing.

When measuring the clearance of bearings, in order to obtain a stable measurement value, the specified measurement load is generally applied to SKF bearings.

Therefore, the measured value is larger than the real clearance (called the theoretical clearance), that is, the elastic deformation of the measured load is increased.

But for the roller bearing in the rolling bearing, because the elastic deformation is small, it can be ignored.

The internal clearance of the front bearing of the device is generally expressed by the theoretical clearance.

Answers to frequently presented Questions:

When the clearance of the rolling bearing is too small, the simplest condition is that the bearing heats up, and if the speed is faster, there may be blue burning phenomenon.

If you do not pay attention to the continuous long-term work in high temperature and high-speed environment, it is very likely to show the phenomenon of rolling bearings locked, and there will be strain damage to the rolling bearing supporting shaft or housing bearing position.

Of course, if it is not in the limit working condition, the rolling bearing will rarely form the phenomenon of locking. Even if it is oil-free and smooth, the rolling bearing can also work for a long time.

Therefore, we can see that when the rolling bearing clearance is too small, we must not be careless. Correct operation and timely repair will prolong the service life of rolling bearings.

First, general bearings should be stored horizontally. Some heavier SKF bearings will be deformed because of their own components after long-term vertical placement!

In the selection stage, many factors (e.g., load, hardness, operating environment, etc.) should be considered. A good bearing design will first make the bearing reach its maximum life value.

Two, correct storage, SKF bearings in the device before the best should be stored in their original packaging. Need to stay in a clean, moisture-free, relatively constant temperature environment. Roll bearings should be kept away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Shaking and sensation may permanently destroy the mechanical function of bearings, so sensation should be avoided in the processing and storage process.

Also, greased (or sealed) bearings need special care, because the density of the grease will change after long-term storage. When the bearing is used for the first time, there will be a certain degree of rolling noise. Therefore, the placement of this kind of bearing should be controlled according to the principle of first in, first out!

Three, clean, this is very important for rolling bearings. The rolling surface of the bearing ring is very smooth and sensitive to the damage caused by pollutants. The particle impurities will be over-rolled by the rolling element and partial pressure will occur in the bearing, which will eventually lead to permanent data exhaustion.

Four, fully equipped with re-device, SKF bearings should be carefully installed and disassembled by using appropriate things (can refer to the disassembling series of videos of bearings). Choose the right thing! Career experts estimate that 16 percent of premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect devices. Generally speaking, a large number of devices will generally adopt the appropriate bearing device equipment.

But in maintenance or replacement work, the environment is varied! It is suggested that we take a close look at the relevant drawings, maintenance manuals and product specifications. Bearing components should also be kept definitely clean!

Five. Be careful about the device and disassembly. It has been said many times before that the SKF bearing device is briefly summarized again:

  1. Do not apply device force on the rolling element, which will simply cause partial overload of the rolling element and the touch surface of the seat, and then lead to premature bearing failure.
  2. Do not use any hard things (such as hammer, driver, etc., I have seen too many “hard” devices with these two things, too strong) directly on the bearing surface, which will lead to the cracking or crushing of the bearing ring.
  3. Generally SKF bearings will not be removed from the equipment, as long as the larger bearings will be removed for preventive maintenance. In the process of disassembling, the right things should be used first to ensure that the adjacent parts are not damaged!

Six, the correct and appropriate smooth, smooth agent can isolate the bearing surface, then reduce friction, maintain metal parts and avoid pollution and impurities. There are a variety of smooth grease available for different operating conditions.

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