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Teachers are important for students and the whole education system at all levels. You can ask about the importance of teachers from a kindergarten student who was looking for a guide on his first day of school or a college student who needs career guidance. Teachers are there for students at every stage, they become a guide or counsellors for their students. However, as the domain of education is changing from traditional classroom teaching to teaching on the online teaching app the role of teachers is altering too. 

Today teachers are not just expected to teach students and complete the course, they are required to fulfil various roles and responsibilities to make the shift from offline to online learning easier for the students. In this article, we will discuss all the roles of teachers in online learning. 

Idioms vs. Figure of Speech

A phrase or “sub-language” in which words do not have their typical meanings is called an idiom. A person can be a “runner up” without running, without existing, or without going up, as an illustration of the latter.

A figure of speech is when something is said to represent something else by using a metaphor or a similar substitute when there is a clear connection between the two. We understand “light up” to indicate something similar to but distinct from the usage of electromagnetic radiation, for instance, and the relationship between the two can be expressed with many terms while still conveying the same meaning (e.g., “My life is brighter since you came.”).

Word play, which manipulates the sounds or structure of words or draws attention to linguistic peculiarities, is another type of figure of speech. For instance, “Don’t describe myself as crude. I think of all of us, I must be the most courageous.” or “That would be quite a tragedy.”

Idioms are necessary for figures of speech to be effective, although not all idioms are figures of speech. That implies that idioms are a subset of figures of speech, which I don’t believe they are. Instead, I believe that anything that is going to be a successful use of the language must either be idiomatic or fast develop into one.

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A Guide: Yes, this part of a teacher’s job is still the same but, what has changed is the reason and way of guiding students. Today teachers just don’t have to guide students to learn, but they have to guide how to learn online. As many students are still processing this change from offline to online learning, they need proper guidance on how to use different online learning resources (e-libraries, tutorial videos, educational blogs) and tools (educational apps, digital notes-maker, PowerPoint presentations). Teachers fulfil their duty as guides by introducing students to these various things and teaching them how to use them for their benefit.

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Facilitate the Learning Process: When students take online classes and study from their homes, they have to do more self-study. Teachers can help students in this process by making the chapters and concepts more understandable for them by using digital tools like teaching through videos, using audiobooks to explain chapters and giving online quizzes for self-practice. These steps make self-study easier for the students. 

Establish Communication: Every teacher has those students in their class who never speak up or in the case of online classes, never unmute their mics. Some children can be shy and hesitant to talk and interact with others, it’s not 

like they don’t have any opinion or view to present, they just need an adequate environment. It is the teacher’s job to create that environment and establish comfortable and open communication among students and students and teachers. Teachers can do this by using some simple techniques, like playing the introduction in an online class where everyone needs to introduce themselves to the class or organise online discussions and group activities so that students can interact and communicate with each other.

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To Motivate Students: During the pandemic and after it too the world has changed a lot, especially for the children. They were not able to go to their schools and colleges, stopping their education. In such depressing situations, students need encouragement and motivation to be positive and keep studying, teachers can fulfil this responsibility. Teachers can motivate students with little but important things, like giving encouraging feedback, appreciating by calling their name whenever a student does well, telling them moral stories and reciting motivational quotes for students. It is the responsibility of teachers to check not only the academic state of students but also to check on their mental and emotional state, and if they ever feel negative, teachers should motivate and counsel them.

Evaluation of Students: The main purpose of teaching students is to teach them knowledge and skills. In online learning, this process is done virtually and when teaching is done it is also necessary to check whether students are gaining taught knowledge and skills or not. For this purpose, teachers are required to do the evaluation. In online learning, evaluation is done online too, teachers use Google forms, and online tests create apps and websites. However, the students are unaware and new to taking online tests and exams. Teachers need to prepare and instruct them before the actual exams, for this, they can conduct mock tests for practice and understanding of how to give online exams. For example, before taking online open-book examinations many universities mandated students to take mock examinations for the training for actual exams.  Moreover, educators who finished their masters in teaching degree online would have more familiarity with this setup giving them an edge over those who did not.


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