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One of the main health issues that have troubled is troubling and will continue to trouble is none other than obesity. It is a common term nowadays because it is not prevalent in men of almost all age groups. But a few decades ago, the situation was not severe and obesity was most common in men above 50. Hence, it was given a synonym of being an old man’s disease. But this myth has been broken like anything, just see the majority of the teenagers in the United States and reality is clear. The level of craze for fast food has made obesity a health disorder not only in the developed world but also in developing ones.

Obesity at earlier ages such as in the mid-30s can be severely damaged from the health perspective of both professional life and personal life. In old age, the expectation of the family is less and most men are retired, so the effect of obesity is most physical. But in the mid-30, it is a phase of life when becoming big in a career is the brightest objective and obesity can become a major obstruction to it. Such men then find a solution in pills like Cenforce 100 blue pill. In this article, we shall explain in detail what are the reasons that make men obese in their mid-30s.

Bad choice of food

One of the major reasons for men becoming prey to obesity is their lack of awareness about food. And this leads them to make unhealthy food choices, either intentionally or unintentionally. Poor choice of food basically means consumption of foods that may give good taste but are bad for health i.e., fast foods. There is a reason that fast food has become so popular, taste and convenience. The pasta, noodles and whatever they sell can also be made at home. In fact, that would make the same food healthy as at home we use pure ingredients.

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Even knowing that fast food is harmful to health, people have it in significant quantities. Such foods contain a very high amount of cholesterol and sugar. This leads to the accumulation of excess cholesterol and sugar that lead to multiple disorders other than obesity. Cholesterol is of two types, good and bad. Fast foods are concentrated in bad cholesterol that not only gets deposited in the body but cannot be burned by workouts.

Less physical workout

How does the fat content in a person’s body increase? One way is to eat fat-rich items that keep accumulating fat. But even then, you can prevent an increase in fat by burning them by doing a vigorous workout. So, in many cases, the consumed fat content is not very much but then also the person is diagnosed with obesity. This is mainly due to the lack of workout by the man. If you eat even a small amount of fat and do nothing but sleep. And you continue it, then the accumulation of fats is inevitable, there is nothing strange. This is why you doctors have always asked patients to do regular exercise which will help in keeping fat content under control. Hence, find time from your busy schedule, and not all men are busy some are lazy also to get up and hit the gym or go to the park.

It can be understood that your job is very exhaustive and leaves no time for a workout. In that case, give preference to your health and take a short break from work because with high obesity anyway, your productivity will be less even after buying Vidalista 20 for sale.

Highly stressed life

A big reason why today men become obese patients in their mid-30s is due to high stressed life. Well, this may sound strange because everyone has stress in life but not everybody is obese. Stress may not seem a big issue but it has the tendency to make you obese, raise sugar levels in the blood cause diabetes mellitus and make you depressed. Doctors have said that during stress many people like to eat something to get rid of stress.

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And we know what kind of food people like to eat during stress. It is the most unhealthy ones such as chips, fries, burgers, pizza etc. Therefore, if you become stressed very often you are more likely to eat such foods which will ultimately make you obese. The food may give you relaxation for a few moments but in the long run, it has caused damage. So, it is better to find some other hobby to get rid of stress. Or if you want to eat something, then choose a healthy option like juice, raw fruit, coffee etc.

Too much starving

Yes, you may be glad to know that even keeping fast for long durations can make you obese. How? By overeating. When we fast for long hours and when we break it, we tend to consume excess food than in usual times. This is because the body has not been good at any food for a long time. So, it will try to get more food items in the next meal. In usual times the break between two meals is not much. Therefore, we eat a balanced diet and are less likely to overeat.

Some people fast due to any special diet with the aim of losing weight. But overeating in the next meal actually increases weight and belly size. It also results in bloating, indigestion and a whole lot of digestive issues. So, starve yourself if you can control overeating in the next meal.


The reasons are endless so, we have summarized major reasons that may make a man in his mid-30s obese. Buying Fildena 100 online becomes a normal activity for men with obesity in their mid-30s due to poor intimate life. You will suffer both on professional and as well as personal fronts. This is why it is necessary to keep a check on the foods we eat and become conscious of what the body is demanding and what are we feeding it.

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