Why do big firms use programming challenges and assessments for interviewing developers?Why do big firms use programming challenges and assessments for interviewing developers?

Programming challenges usually assist hiring supervisors in picking suitable candidates based on their real-world aptitudes. Large firms utilize programming challenges to employ the best-skilled candidate.

The queries in these programming challenges assess your algorithms and data structure understanding. Regardless, the queries are relatively tough — you’re foreseen to utilize your specialized skills and ideation to crack them.

Qualifying for programming challenges can accelerate your problem-decoding capability, improve your skills, and raise morale. Every software designer has to encounter programming challenges in technical discussions.

What are programming challenges?

An interview programming challenge or programming test for hiring is an assessment that corporations use to filter the technological skills and programming ability of conceivable contenders.

Interview assessments can comprise brainteasers, industry situations, programming tests, and behavioral queries. For software engineers, the emphasis is on programming issues.

They can forego or follow phone and in-person technical interviews or be a distinct possibility from the interview. 

To stand a satisfactory option at cracking problems in programming challenges, you must touch up on:

  • Stacks, arrays, and linked lists
  • Recursion
  • Sorting algorithms
  • Trees and graphs
  • Hash tables
  • Graph algorithms
  • Dynamic programming

Why do firms use programming challenges to interview developers?

Programming challenges as a piece of the interview procedure deliver numerous advantages.

Except just stretching your capabilities, the tangible components of a programming challenge create it more satisfactorily than just any formal interview: 

  • Live programming strategies, where you have to crack a situation in the interviewer’s existence, allow them to comprehend how you code. They get an understanding of how you assume about the situation.
  • Programming challenges put probable workers in a surrounding comparable to the workplace. 
  • Providing candidates with real-world situations to crack reflects how nicely they will do on the job and how they would affect the firm.
  • It delivers a specimen of your quality of work in a condensed display.
  • It delivers giant firms a more credible and adequate method to comprehend your skills than they would by simply speaking to you. 
  • It allows hiring leaders to drive hiring conclusions. Based on their remarks, they can calculate the correct place for you and evaluate which skills they will have to sharpen. 

What are the different types of programming challenges?

To assign a programming test for hiring purposes, the recruiter follows some of these ways: 

Open coding challenges

Numerous tech firms operate open programming challenges. These are tech occasions that ask coders worldwide to partake, crack coding issues, and win prizes for finishing on top.

For example, Google executes three programming challenges every year. Amazon also employs candidates through programming challenges on HackerEarth and TechGig throughout the year. 

Take-home coding challenges

Here, the recruiter or the concerned authority emails the programming challenges to the candidate. You can decode it at your comfort but within the deadline.

A Take-home challenge is an efficient way to review candidates’ problem-solving skills and understanding as they get the time and freedom just like a worker.

Pair programming

In this type of programming challenge, you decrypt the issues by conforming with the interviewer. Pair coding is usually suitable for senior coding candidates.


Whiteboard assessments help recruiters evaluate your capability to address stressful circumstances. Here, you need to decode the programming challenge query on a whiteboard in the recruiter’s existence.

Screening questions

It consists of quiz-like programming challenges. These are rather straightforward, so they are not specifically full-fledged programming challenges.

However, screening queries perform well when giant firms have too many applicants.

Sample interview coding challenges

It would be best if you partook in open programming events. For interviews, although programming challenges vary for every firm, here are a few examples of some of the most famous languages and frameworks. 

Python coding challenges

Here is a few examples of python queries famous for programming test for hiring:

  1. Given a checklist of digits, write a code using Python to transform every entity of a list into its square.
  2. Interchange two tuples in Python.
  3. Design Morse program translator in Python. Assume in a string with alphanumeric symbols in lower or upper case. The series can also include any special characters taken from the Morse program. The function should produce the Morse program comparable to the string. 
  4. Find the domain title operating an IP address. Python socket library is allowed.
  5. Write a code in Python that allows taking a string of ASCII characters. It must produce each character’s importance as a hexadecimal string. You must split each byte by a space and produce all alpha hexadecimal characters as lowercase.

Java coding challenges

Here are a few instances of Java programming challenge problems:

  1. Given a string A, produce the “changed” string. All notes will switch their places, and characters that are not a letter remain in the same location.
  2. Develop a Java code to invert a string. Do not employ the reverse procedure of Java’s String class.
  3. Compose a phone number word decoder. Compose a Java code that will take a contact number with notes and transform it into a contact digit with numbers only.
  4. Write a program to develop a vending device.
  5. Write a Java code that produces an MD5 hash.
  6. Develop a Java Singleton class.

React coding challenges

React is a widespread front-end web framework. For a React designer, the programming test for hiring is used to review your knowledge.

Interviewers wish you to comprehend the programming issue fast and decrypt it methodically. 

Here are a few examples of React programming challenge issues for preparation:

  1. Count and delete objects from the list: Make an input field with a control. Pressing the control should attach the content in the input field to a list. Also, when any index item is pressed, it should be deleted from the list.
  2. Portraying information approaching from an API: In this challenge, you will be given an API that will produce some information. This may be an array of entities. You have to portray the information in the UI.
  3. Document program to re-render the idea when the browser is resized.
  4. Compose a program to give information between sibling elements using React router.

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