The advancement in virtualization technology has led to progress in virtual private server hosting. The VPS hosting India has over the decade become an influential web hosting solution in the industry. Numerous website owners prefer VPS hosting over other web hosting services because it comes with high-grade hosting benefits at the most affordable pricing. With this guide, you will learn how you can acquire the best VPS India plan for your website. But before anything else, let us highlight the meaning, significance & types of the VPS server hosting India.

What is VPS India?

VPS Server hosting India is known as the best choice to opt for when people are confused between shared server hosting & dedicated server hosting. It comes up with the beneficial advantages of both these types of web hosting services. For instance, you share the physical server with many other users under VPS India, but acquire the independent web hosting environment for your website. Further, you also obtain the hosting flexibility as one gets with the dedicated server hosting but at a much cheaper cost price under the virtual private server hosting. Moreover, here are the amazing privileges you get while hosting your website on the virtual private server –


  • Your website obtains an isolated web hosting platform.
  • You can customize your VPS India.
  • You get access to non-shareable, dedicated web resources.
  • You can easily obtain a unique IP address for your website.
  • Under VPS hosting India, you can gain root control access to your web hosting server.

What is the difference between Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS?

The cheap VPS Hosting India plan comes with the option of two different types of web hosting services – Managed & Unmanaged.

Managed VPS

Under the managed virtual private server hosting, your web host has the responsibility to manage everything related to the web hosting server, from its efficient functioning to its security. You get the freedom to grow your website without worrying about your server’s operations, updates, and other things. The managed VPS server hosting India is the ideal pick for those who do not have enough time or expertise to run as well as manage their virtual private server on their own.

Unmanaged VPS

Under the unmanaged virtual private server hosting, you acquire the responsibility to manage everything related to the web hosting server, from its efficient functioning to its security. You get the freedom to run as well as maintain server’s operations, updates, and other things. The unmanaged VPS server hosting India is the ideal pick for those who do have enough time & expertise to operate as well as manage their virtual private server on their own.

How to choose the Best VPS Hosting India Plan?

Given below are the factors you must take care of in order to purchase the best VPS India plan for your website –

Enterprise-grade Hardware

With the best VPS hosting India, your web host must provide you with the support of enterprise-grade hardware for seamless performance with no hassle.

Highly Accessible Web Resources

Your web host must offer dedicated web resources that you can scale up or down based on the necessities of your website.

Robust Data Protection

With the virtual private server hosting plan, you must get robust data security measures that can protect your website & its data from all cyber threats.

Customer Support

You must attain round-the-clock customer support from your web hosting company to avoid unnecessary downtime and other destructive issues.

Maximum Uptime

Your company’s data center must ensure to deliver the maximum uptime to your website with the fastest network connectivity.

Operating System Option

You must acquire the operating system with your virtual private server, which can be highly compatible with your website.

What does Serverwala VPS Server Hosting India Offer?


We must recommend you here the Serverwala data center to acquire the best yet cheapest VPS hosting plan for your website in India. Serverwala data center meets all the factors discussed in the previous section. It is a well-renowned web host across the world. Serverwala strives to fulfill the varied demands & requirements of different kinds of websites. It further ensures the delivery of resilient technologies with top-tier equipment as well as robust hardware tools. This helps you enable your website to really achieve optimal performance in every situation. Moreover, you get the following incredible features with the Serverwala VPS hosting


  • 24/7/365 Technical & customer support service via a proficient team of experts.
  • 7-Days credit back guarantee with all the VPS India plans.
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • User-friendly control panel options
  • SSL Certificate
  • Advanced Data Security protection
  • Highest Network Connectivity
  • Robust & Secure network channels
  • Softculous One-click Installer
  • Data center location choices


VPS India offers flexibility, customizability, high-level data security, better web hosting server control, and many more benefits. Moreover, you must well consider the things mentioned in this guide in order to acquire the best VPS hosting India plan for your website. Further, you can rely on Serverwala web host without any second thought to discover your aptest virtual private server hosting plan. Serverwala data center offers all the VPS plans with both unmanaged & managed web hosting services. Visit the official website of the data center now to grab more insightful details into the leading VPS hosting plans –



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