At present, the accounting of work of various businesses from diverse industries is being operated through Hosting Tally in Cloud. These industries include government, education, telecommunication, hospitality, financial, manufacturing, advertising & marketing, etc.

Tally cloud Storage helps you bring ease of work, feasibility, high efficiency, and speed to your business. By going through this guide, you will learn about the most amazing features of the Tally Cloud Hosting.

Also, we will provide insight into the most reliable and top-notch web hosting company rendering the best Tally Cloud Server services and facilities at the cheapest rates – Hostbillo. However, before anything else, let us highlight the meaning of Hosting Tally in Cloud for those who have a vague idea about it.

What is Tally Cloud Hosting?

Tally Cloud Server refers to the web solution that involves Hosting Tally in Cloud. This enables you to operate and work with your Tally software online. All you have to do is link your system to the cloud server hosting in order to run your Tally online.

Furthermore, with the Tally Hosting, you get the possibility to access the work of your Tally by being anywhere around the world. Even the time is not a constraint, you can access your Tally work anytime by employing the RDP protocol. Numerous businesses are utilizing cloud technology to operate the Tally work as it is simple to employ and highly cost-effective.

While Hosting Tally in Cloud, you get the chance to save additional upfront costs that one encounters in the cloud computing, operational, hardware, data maintenance, and data backup pricing. Also, it lets you acquire many useful services, for example, MS Office, Email, etc.

Features of Tally on Cloud

This section tells about the excellent features of Hosting Tally in Cloud. Have a glance at them!

Super Secured

You own the entire data on your Tally Cloud Storage. Except you, as an authorized person, no other user gets the right to access your confidential data in any way under Hosting Tally in Cloud.

Always Available

Hosting Tally in  Cloud provides you high availability. You get the opportunity to access or work on your Tally anytime from any location globally.

Tally For Every Device

When you set up your Tally on the cloud server, it becomes very easy for you to operate your accounting software from any device. For instance, you can run you Tally with Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, other Apple systems, previous Windows version, etc.

Tally Data Backup

The data backup facility comes combined with the Tally on the Cloud. This helps you run automated backup and keep saving copies of your Tally ERP data on your local device and on the cloud according to your preferences.

Tally Disaster Recovery

With the Tally Cloud Server, you get the Disaster Recovery as a Service (or DRaaS). This enables you to ensure the safety of your hosted Tally ERP data under the cloud platform. The DRaaS is highly economical and never loses your data even in case of any catastrophic disaster.

Scalable & Pocket-Friendly

You can expand or reduce your Tally Cloud Storage as per the necessities of your business. Hosting Tally on the Cloud lets you attain high scalability with utmost ease under your budget.

Access to Multi-User

When you host Tally on the Cloud, you can let multiple users access, view, or manipulate the data of your Tally in real-time. This helps you intensify the productivity of business functioning.

From Which Web Hosting Provider Buy a Tally On Cloud

Hostbillo is the reputed and trusted Web Hosting Company. It is well renowned for rendering the high-grade Tally Cloud Hosting at the cheapest possible price across the globe. You can discover the most preferrable plan for Hosting Tally in Cloud from among a wide array of web hosting plans available at Hostbillo.

The company offers the support of resilient as well as modern technologies to let you boost your hosting experience. Moreover, it also provides high-tech network flexibility and enterprise-grade hardware for the seamless performance of your Tally Cloud.

Mentioned below are some of the key benefits you receive with all the Hostbillo’s Tally Cloud server  plans. Check them out!

  • Advanced security measures, including data encryption, in-built antivirus software, etc.
  • Maximum uptime guarantee
  • Redundant power and consistent connectivity
  • Fastest and secure channels for Tally in Cloud
  • 3 Days trial period with full credit back guarantee
  • One-click installation of the required Tally applications
  • Easy remote control access to run your Tally ERP server from anywhere anytime
  • 24/7 Technical assistance via a team of experienced professionals and specialists
  • Optimized and seamless performance


Tally software is basically a Windows-based utility. One can only access the Tally software from the system on which it gets installed. However, Tally in Cloud has resolved this limitation and enables users to access their Tally work from any remote location under a real-time platform.

Moreover, anyone can switch their Tally to a Cloud server easily and further, learn to operate their Tally Cloud in no time. Also, Tally on the cloud is highly economical and lets you manage your work effectively.

Reach out to Hosbtillo’s experts right away to obtain the best yet cheapest plan for Hosting Tally in Cloud. They are available 24/7 via multiple communication channels to provide instant customer support service.

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