Handy Applications That Assist in Essay WritingHandy Applications That Assist in Essay Writing

The creation of academic papers is associated with the use of applications. It is difficult for modern students to cope with essays and homework assignments without computers and smartphones. Where will you look for information for your paper, and how will you create new assignments? Surely you do not want to sit in the library and write paragraphs on paper. So this is why apps are so popular among students. But what software products should a beginner choose? Here are handy applications that most people will like.

Libre Office Writer

Usually, students need a good text editor to write papers according to the formatting requirements. So you should pay attention to Libre Office Writer, as this application is perfect for creating assignments. A user-friendly interface will allow you to remember all the key functions and macros for creating text documents. The application works perfectly on most devices due to low system requirements. Now you will be able to create text documents on your PC and smartphone.

But what if you’re away from home and can’t create your assignments? Surely you need a universal solution to avoid low grades. Maybe you should find a writing service and delegate your essay. This solution will allow you not to worry about the details. But first, read at least one speedypaper review to understand which writing service is the best.


Imagine creating a draft and adding all the important details to your essay. Now you need to polish your paper and reread every sentence. So should download Grammarly because this application will help you identify all grammar and spelling mistakes. In addition, you will be able to find weak spots in your text and rewrite some sentences faster. Such a software product will become an independent expert who will easily analyze all your texts. Now you will be able to polish your papers faster. It is worth noting that even the basic version of this application will allow you to identify many grammar mistakes.


Inspiration is the key to quickly creating ideas for student papers. But what if you’re away from your desk and can’t create a note? Maybe you should download Evernote to never run into these problems again. The fact is that this application is ideal for those who need to write down important ideas within 30-60 seconds. Moreover, this application will allow you to access your database and not lose important paper ideas quickly. Another plus is that this application is free, especially important for students.


The student’s brain is like an SSD drive that can store a lot of information. Unfortunately, a large number of rewrite cycles negatively affect disk drives. Your brain will also not be able to handle a large amount of information around the clock. That is why you should find good mind-mapping software. By downloading FreeMind, you will be able to visualize your essay ideas and start the writing process faster. In addition, structuring and storing your ideas is quite simple. Such an application will allow you to switch between topics and not waste time easily.


Imagine that you need tables, charts, and visual content for your essay. You’ll probably want to find good images online, but the content search can take hours. Perhaps you should look for an alternative. Canva is an application that allows you to generate visual content for websites, presentations, and academic papers. Just a few clicks, and you can create any slide or diagram for your assignment. Many of the app’s features are available for free, so you don’t have to pay to download files.

Stay Focused

Usually, young people focus on academic projects and daily responsibilities for a long time. The main reason for such problems is access to social media, websites, and entertainment applications. So, download Stay Focused because this software product will help you forget about distractions. Such an application’s basic principle of operation is to forcefully block access to sites, browsers, other applications, or any functions.

You will no longer be distracted by messages or pop-up notifications on your device. Another plus is activating the silent mode for a certain period. Let’s say you decide to spend three hours writing your essay. Activate your application and select a list of options to deactivate. Now you will be in total silence until three hours have passed. As you can see, it’s not hard to say no to distractions.

Final Words

It isn’t easy to imagine the modern academic process without applications and online libraries. Many students love software products and global digitalization. Creating academic papers will no longer be a nightmare, thanks to the apps above. What’s more, you can use many features to speed up your writing process. All you need is internet access and time to choose the best option for your needs.

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