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Because once Keith said, “There are some parts of the world that once visited stay with you forever; India is such a place.” India has a rich tradition and a deep-rooted history in its veins! As far as human history goes back, we hear the name of India. And such richness is what we see in the Indian lifestyle. Immensely colourful culture, cuisine, clothing, craft, and architecture! When we talk about Indian Style Interior Design and Architecture, we talk about a blend of complexity and clarity. This is why we always suggest people to search for the best architects near me, Radvi said – get more information about Radvi here. So, what exactly is this Indian Style? And how do you master it?

Where there are colours, there is India; and there is Indian!

Mastering the art of Indian Interior Design Style and Architecture!

If you look at the geography of India, you find hot desert, cold desert, snow-peaked Himalayas, seasides and beaches, rain forests, savannahs, and whatnot! Its position on the Earth makes it so rich that rarely any country comes near to. And then you look at the demography and you find different languages, clothing, cuisine, culture, and way of life. This is one such reason that people sometimes find Indian culture to be complex and diverse and yet beautiful.

When it comes to Indian Interior Design and Architecture, the same complexity guides it all. There is no set definition of what it is, and yet when you look at it you say, “this is very much Indian. I love it.” write for us

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So, before we delve into how do you master the art of Indian Interior Style, we must look at some of its features!

Features of Indian Interior Style and Architecture!

  • You cannot keep colours away from anything that is Indian! A vibrant colour palette is the core of Indian Interior Style.
  • Flooring is usually made of natural stones, granite, or marble.
  • The decors generally take the essence from religious beliefs and local culture. For example, you might find idols, local art, flowers, animals and birds, etc.
  • Patterns and designs are a big yes. The very Indian art uses paisley, patchwork, tapestries, nature and life in patterns and styles (birds, elephants, etc.), and vibrant colours.
  • Indians love fabrics very much. The use of fabric to an upper level is generally an idea. It gives a sense of cosiness and comfort.

Now, as you know some of the features that define the Indian style, it is time to discuss how you should do it. If you have a big space, search on Google for the best architects near me, Radvi added. It will help you save time and lend you excellence.

1 – Start with the Architecture!

Indian Architecture has a rich history. It is an ever-evolving process that takes its essence from cultural beliefs. Indians love detailing and this you will always find in Indian Architecture. India has been colonised very much to the core and thus you’ll see hints of foreign architecture too. Here are the different types of architecture styles that there has been –

  • The Ancient Indian Architecture (purest of it all)
  • Cave Architecture – Caves carved in elegance by Buddhists and Jains.
  • Indo Islamic (From Islamic rulers)
  • Temple Architecture – Some of the main features of Indian Temple Architecture are
    • Exquisite reliefs carved on the outside and inside!
    • Sculptures of deities and gods.
    • Harmonious geometry and symmetry seen in the structure!
    • Shikhara – the peak of the temple.
    • Amlaka – a disc over the peak of shikhara.
    • Kalasha – the highest peak of the temple over Amlaka.
    • GarbhaGriha – literally womb place. This is where deities sit.

As we have seen, Indian Architecture is a blend of religious beliefs and science and maths.

The common architecture is based on Vastu. Vastu is the Indian science of Architecture. You might want to look for architects nearby who excel at Vastu Shastra if you want true Indian Architecture. Look for best architects near me, Radvi said, and consult them.

2 – Decide the Colour Palette!

The next thing is the colours. Colours are everywhere you go in India. They follow you and lead you towards joy. Without it, the Indian Interior is without soul.

The core of the Indian Interior colour palette is vibrancy. A vibrant colour palette is generally the base of a complete interior. This does not mean that you are not allowed to use pastels and shades of different colours. You totally are allowed. But you must use vibrant colours to bring things out and speak like an Indian.

Although there is no boundation on what colour to use, the colours that still outweigh it all are yellow, red, blue, pink, and orange.

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However, you must be cautious of how you use these colours. With these many colours at hand, it is easier to create chaos out of nowhere. If you know nothing about colour harmony and balance, hire an interior designer. Check out Radvi and get more Information about Radvi and how it can help you with the same.

3 – Lines and curves!

Using lines alone is the Roman way. Indians use a blend of lines and curves. This you can easily see in the Indian Architecture and Interior. The temples are all full of curvy sculptures and yet the architecture has a sharp elegant geometry to it.

You may choose to have a door frame with curved or designed header. Try to use these lines and curves on how you arrange things in inside too. Lines and curves could easily be formed visually by the arrangement of furniture.

4 – Patterns!

Without patterns, there is no Indian. Rarely will you find any Indian fabric without patterns. It only happens in religious clothing where the purpose is to focus on spirituality. Thus, while choosing fabric for your home, look for fabric with Indian art. There are many types of Indian art based on different cultures and states. Choose the one of your choice.

Rugs and upholstery are usually textured (but not always) and patterned (usually). Look for the one that matches your interior style.

5 – Decors!

Indian decors usually consist of spiritual idols, deities, animals, birds, natural creatures, etc. The cultural belief is all about valuing nature and life around. Wall paintings must have an Indian artform. It looks great on the wall. Apart from it, ornate patterns and carvings are other features.

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6 – Flooring!

The Indian flooring is all about creating elegance and showing richness. People generally judge people based on the flooring type. Marble or granite is considered to be valuable in India and resembles prosperity. Consult your architect about what flooring could be good for your house. It could be about local availability or climatic conditions.

These are some of the ways that can help shape a home have Indian Interior Design Style and Architecture. It is not easy to excel at it from scratch. Very easily people make mistakes while arranging things. Hire an expert architect near you that holds expertise in Indian style. If you are looking for the best architects near me, Radvi could be your choice if you live in major cities of India. Get more Information about Radvi and where it serves in India.


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