Simple Ways How to Write a Resignation LetterSimple Ways How to Write a Resignation Letter

Whether you’ve been planning to leave your job for a while or you’ve heard that the company is downsizing, a resignation letter is inevitable. So, how do you write one? If you want to leave on good terms, you should think about these five things before you start writing. Here are five ways to write a resignation letter:

Ways to Write a Resignation Letter

Here are some tips on How to write a resignation letter

Be Professional

It’s important to be professional in your resignation letter. This is the last impression you’ll give a company before you leave, so make sure it’s a good one. While this may seem like common sense, many people forget to treat their resignation letters with respect and professionalism. Use proper grammar and spelling, and don’t send out an email or text message instead of writing a letter. Make sure you keep it brief and professional, as well as honest about what you are leaving for and why.

Explain Why You Are Leaving

Before you even start writing your resignation letter, make sure that you have a reason behind your decision to leave the company. If there were no problems at work, then explain that there are other opportunities that interest you or other reasons why you have decided to move on from this job. Whatever the reason that has made you decide to leave, it’s important that you explain it in your resignation letter.

Simple Ways How to Write a Resignation Letter
Simple Ways How to Write a Resignation Letter

Thank Your Employer

After explaining why you are leaving, make sure that you thank your employer for the opportunity to work with them and for giving you a chance to prove yourself. Even if things didn’t work out at this job, it’s still important to thank them for their time and opportunities. This will show that you are professional, mature, and grateful for the time that you had there.

Be Specific About When You Will Leave

If possible, offer an exact date when you will be leaving the company or at least give a good estimate of when it will be. If not, then tell them a month or two, after which point they can expect to see your last day at work. You don’t want to leave your employer with any questions about when they can expect to see the last of you at work because it could lead to confusion and frustration on both ends. Make sure you are specific about when you will be leaving.

Make Sure to Write “Sincerely” in Closing

Just as it is essential to be professional in the rest of your resignation letter, it’s also important to end with a professional sign-off. It’s never wrong to say “Sincerely” and sign your name, so make sure that you do this at the end of your letter. This will show that you are respectful of the time and attention that they have given you and that you appreciate their time as well as their company.


If you are leaving a job, then it is vital to write a resignation letter that is professional and will leave your employer with no questions about why you have decided to leave. Make sure to be specific about why you are leaving the company and when you will be leaving. It’s also important to thank them for the time and efforts that they put into your career and their company.

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