To get started with python is a challenge in itself. A large number of aspiring data scientists consider programming language as their first hurdle towards a career in data science. In order to learn python for data science, it is important to get started with some projects. By adopting an application oriented approach, the journey towards mastering data science becomes much easier. In this article, we take a look at the top three projects that can be executed with applied knowledge of python.

Email filtering 

Email filtering is one of the most important projects in data science that has a huge commercial potential. Let us understand this project in the simplest terms possible. A large number of marketing emails, promotional emails as well as other emails are sent to customers on a day today basis. It is highly likely that customers may get annoyed with these marketing emails and are highly likely to miss important emails as well. 

It is in this context that the presence of an email filtering system is a must. An email filtering system classifies the emails into promotional, social and primary categories. 

  • Promotional emails keep a record of those emails that are targeted to the customers for the purpose of marketing. 
  • Social categories keep a record of those emails that are targeted to the customers from social media platforms. 
  • The primary category keeps record of those emails that are important and should be displayed on the visible dashboard of the email. 

One of the prime methods to achieve this segregation is to feed labeled data to the classification model with parameters having data sets aggregated from the above mentioned categories. For instance, the model should classify an email into the social category if it contains the domain address of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Similarly, whenever the model finds an email that is unique in itself, it can be classified into the primary category.

Creating a mini contact directory 

The creation of a mini contact directory is one of the classical projects in data science. It involves the creation of a detailed contact list that contains details related to phone numbers and emails. It also contains minute details like address and work location. One of the unique features of a mini contact directory is that it allows you to update the address at any time while preserving the previous information so that you can refer to it in future if required. 

To get started with this project, you can use SQLAlchemy library and store different types of contacts using it. It not only provides an application interface for storing information in a coherent format but also provides editing features. It is important that you should have knowledge about the development of graphical user interface applications while working with this project.

Image classification 

Image classification is also one of the most widely used projects in data science. It is often used by data scientists who are at an advanced stage in their career. This project requires the knowledge of deep learning because image classification and feature extraction can be done easily with the help of artificial neural networks. However, even if you are not proficient in these domains, it is possible to work with this project using the python programming language. 

The logic behind the image classification problem is to segregate images into various categories on the basis of discrete features. For instance, we can train the model with the help of a large data set that contains images of various objects. The model develops a temporary memory with the help of this data set and classifies the images that are fed into various categories. In this way, the image classification problem can be employed in different applications if it is properly executed.

The way ahead with other projects 

There are also other projects that are suitable for both beginners as well as data scientists that are at an advanced stage in their career. For instance, the project of speech to text conversion is a very prospective project that can be used in the telecommunication sector. 

At the beginner’s level, we can also use this project to train different kinds of chatbots. In addition to this, data science projects also include the one like website blocker, binary search algorithm and voice assistant. All these projects have great commercial potential as well. 

One of the unique data science projects that requires strong python skills is password generator. This project is highly beneficial for those who want to make a career in the industrial sector. This project has a huge commercial potential as well.

Depending upon your interest and your programming skills, you can choose any of the projects that are discussed above.

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