One constant thing today is that most people are on their phones all day. Whether it is to listen to music, socialize, take photos, work, or find directions, there’s almost nothing that they won’t turn to their phones to do.

So, why is this a big deal?

Well, it means that with your SMS marketing efforts, you can communicate with your customers and get a guarantee that 98% of them will view your message.

But how do you ensure that your text messages resonate with the customer and are timely?

Triggered Text Messaging

Triggered text messages are automated SMS sent when a consumer performs a specific action. For instance, a consumer subscribes to your marketing list, visits your website, or abandons a cart.

Triggered messages are designed to be sent on their own. This means there’s little work to be done on your side.

The trick to using Triggered Text messages appropriately is first to consider whether it will add any value to the customer and if it will improve their experience.

The secret to getting triggered base messaging right is to consider if you will add any value to your customer’s experience with your brand. If you spam your customers, your messages will become pointless, and your customers will opt out.

Here are examples of how your business can begin implementing triggered text messaging to create valuable and meaningful text for your audiences.

Abandoned Cart

Customers often shop, add products to their carts, and leave them incomplete. They might also not come back to follow through with the purchase. When this happens, you can remind them that their cart will still be available when they’re ready.

Sending them reminders is particularly important since up to 75% of consumers often leave their carts incomplete. You can automate text to send when this happens. It will nudge them to take action and finalize their purchase.

Failing to do this constitutes a lost chance of recovering an otherwise lost revenue.

Welcome Message

A welcome message is the most crucial text you could ever send your customers.

It serves as the basis of your first interaction with them and is a sure way of ensuring that your brand remains memorable.

You can use friendly triggered messages to entice new customers with a welcome discount for their first purchase.

While doing this, remember that how you interact with your customer when they first subscribe to your marketing list can make or break establishing a long-term beneficial relationship.

Post Purchase Message

Conversations with your customers don’t have to end after they’ve bought a product. Therefore, it is ideal to send them a text right after they’ve made an order. This will ensure that your brand is always at the top of their mind, even after your website has existed.

Remember to keep things simple with a short thank you message and ask them to leave a review, join your loyalty program, or recommend it to their friends.

Ready to Start Using Triggered Text Messages?

There’s a lot more that you can do with triggered text messages. But you can only achieve so much with the right SMS provider.

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