[Ans] Which Las Vegas Hotel Often Receives Requests For The “Rain Man Suite” And The “Hangover Suite”?

If you are looking for the most curious question “Which Las Vegas Hotel Often Receives Requests For The “Rain Man Suite” And The “Hangover Suite”?” then you come to the right place to get the best answer.

[Answer]: The Caesars Palace

Possibilities are good you’ve seen the Discussion forum Duplex Suite at Caesars Palace in a motion picture before. The collection ended up being referred to as the “Rain Guy Suite” after the 1988 motion picture with Tom Cruise as well as Dustin Hoffman was filmed there, and also it influenced the set layout for the flick, The Hangover. Any person that’s seen these films will undoubtedly identify the piano and stunning view of The Strip. If you request “The Hangover Collection,” the appointments workdesk will certainly know what you’re discussing. As well as no, a tiger is not consisted of. Prices begin at $3,500 per night.

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Frequently Ask Questions (Las Vegas Hotel | “Rain Man Suite” And The “Hangover Suite”)

Which Las Vegas hotel has the Rain Man suite and the hangover suite?

[Answer]: The Caesars Palace. For additional information, you can check out among their customer’s testimonials below.

Where is the suite from The Hangover?

[Answer]: The Caesars Palace.

Is the hotel room in The Hangover real?

[Answer]: No, the hangover suite is no more exist. Debbie Munch claimed they don’t have any type of main suite called the ‘Rain Guy’ collection. Debbie Munch is Harrah’s vice head of state of public relations for Las Vegas.

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